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Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is a place that must be visited

Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is a place that must be visited, especially for tourists who love outdoor activities. It serves a wide area of stunning natural beauty .. call it Coban Pelangi (Rainbow waterfall with flash that is always visible in the daytime), Ocean Sand of Mount Bromo, Sunrise Penanjakan, Coban Trident, etc. .. but the most beautiful is the Mount Semeru, Semeru presents extraordinary natural panorama .. ranging from Ranukumbolo (lake at an altitude of 2400 masl), savanna oro-oro Ombo, pine forests, flower-filled valleys Kalimati edelweiss, and of course the climax is so famous - Mahameru. Semeru is the highest mountain on the island of Java (3676 masl).

Various tourist island of Lombok

Lombok included in West Nusa Tenggara province, a small island presents so many stunning natural beauty .. diverse natural beauty one finds, from the exotic beach of Senggigi, Gili Trawangan underwater tours, tours Falls, up the lake at an altitude of 2000 masl (Segara Anak Gunung Rinjani National Park), at the foot of Mount Rinjani also contained an inland settlement Sasak tribe were still alive by the way - the traditional way. beauty of Lombok is famous in the world, almost rivaling popularity of Bali as a tourist icon Indonesia

Lorentz National Park nature

Lorentz National Park is set as one of the world natural heritage site by UNESCO in 1999, is one of the three regions of the world that has snow in the tropics. Lorentz National Park is representative of the complete ecosystem for biodiversity in Southeast Asia and the Pacific region. This area covers the mountains, beaches, lakes, jungles, etc. .. here also there is one of the seven highest peaks on seven continents (Seven Summits), namely Carstensz
pyramid or by local people called Ndugu Ndugu (4884 masl). of the many indigenous tribes living in the region, most notably the interest rate asmat.

Lorentz National Park has so many interesting places to visit, but for access to the area is very difficult .. in addition to topography and rugged terrain, the region still has not been thoroughly mapped

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Travel to the island of Komodo really exciting

Komodo Island is an island located in the Nusa Tenggara islands. Komodo Island is known as a habitat for native animals dragons. The island is also the Komodo National Park which is managed by the Central Government. Komodo Island is located east of the island of Sumbawa, separated by Sape Strait.
Administratively, the island including the District of Komodo, West Manggarai regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. Komodo Island is the westernmost province of East Nusa Tenggara, bordering the province of West Nusa Tenggara.
On the island of Komodo dragons animals live and breed well. Until August 2009, on the island there are about 1,300 dragons tail. Coupled with other islands, such as Island and Rinca and Gili Mota, their numbers totaled about 2500 tails. There are also approximately 100 individuals dragons in Wae Wuul Nature Reserve on the mainland island of Flores, but not including the Komodo National Park.
Besides Komodo, this island also store a variety of exotic flora Sepang wood by local people used as medicine and dye clothes, this nitak tree or sterculia oblongata in the believe is useful as medicines and seeds are tasty and delicious like peas.
Komodo Island is also accepted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, due to the Komodo National Park, along with the island of Rinca, Padar and Gili Mota

Mount Rinjani with its natural beauty

Mount Rinjani is a mountain located on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Mountain which is the second highest volcano in Indonesia with an altitude of 3726 m above sea level and is located at a latitude of 8 º 25 'latitude and 116 º 28' BT is a favorite for mountain climbers Indonesia for its beautiful scenery. This mountain is part of Mount Rinjani National Park has an area of ​​approximately 41,330 ha and proposed the addition so that it will be 76 000 ha to the west and east.

Mount Rinjani to the highest point of 3726 m above sea level, dominating most of the views of the northern island of Lombok.
In the west there is a caldera cone Rinjani with an area of ​​3500 m × 4800 m, extends towards the east and west. In this caldera are Segara Anak (soon = sea, lake) area of ​​11 million square meters with a depth of 230 m. The water that flows from the lake to form a very beautiful waterfall, flowing through a steep ravine. In Segara Anak there are lots of carp and tilapia that are often used for fishing. The southern part of this lake called Segara Endut.
On the eastern side of the caldera are New Mountain (or Mount Barujari) which has a crater measuring 170m × 200 m with a height of 2296-2376 m above sea level. This small mountain last active / erupted from the date of May 2, 2009 and through May, having previously also erupted in 2004. [2] [3] If the eruption in 2004 claimed no lives, eruption in 2009 has claimed the lives of 31 people indirectly , a flash flood on the crow (river) Tanggek the urging of lava to Segara Anak. [4] Earlier, Mount Barujari ever recorded erupted in 1944 (and establishment), 1966, and 1994.
Besides Mount Barujari there are also other craters that had erupted, called Mount Group.

culinary tour bandung batagor riri

batagor riri Who does not know the Batagor? The food is short for "fried meatballs and tofu" is already very familiar to the people of Indonesia. Bandung city is definitely labeled as a food town origins of this one, here is easy, and many sellers found batagor both open stall to sell them in the cart driven. Almost all walks of life like food.
Besides Batagor Kingsley, there is another restaurant with a menu batagor well-known and frequently visited, called "Delicatessens Batagor Riri" or often called Batagor Riri. Food stalls located at Jl. No. Burangrang. 41 is claimed to be Batagornya artists, ask why? Because in a row of stalls is posted photos of celebrities and artists capital. Usually the restaurant started serving customers every day starting at half 9 am to 8 pm.
Riri Batagor included in the premium price category, for a piece batagor and dumplings, each priced at Rp. 10,000. Batagor fried only when there is an order, so it is always in a state when served warm with a blend of peanut sauce added soy sauce and lime. Batagor was presented with two options, there are also batagor batagor sauce and dry.
Batagor addition, the restaurant also provides batagor beef gravy, meatballs and meatball mix riri veins sauce. For all menu priced starting from Rp. 10,000 to Rp. 25,000 each serving. As for the drink provided some kind of refreshing drinks, no ice coconut, ice jeger (Seger orange), fresh juice and yogurt with a variety of fruit flavors. Batagor This could also be used as a gift, it can even last up to 24 hours in transit. If stored in the refrigerator can hold up to 3-4 days.

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Colour Lake nature Puncak Bogor

Puncak Bogor Colour Lake is a natural tourist attraction is located in Puncak, Bogor, West Java. Attractions are located near oil PTP VII Gunung Mas tea. The background fields and village residents with towering mountains add to the beauty of the scenery there. Before you set as the theme park in 1972, the Colour Lake Cisarua Puncak Pass - Bogor, is part of the Forest Preserve District of Mount Mega Overcast and mountain forests Hambalang.


Neighborhood park offers panoramic lake color nature is still beautiful, situated on the edge of a lake that is still awake keasriannya, so wistawan can enjoy the sights and surrounds the lake by boat or raft. Also, it can also do a family recreational activity while cycling water.
Another specialty, this place can be found in several types of native flora tropical mountain forest, Puspa and Kihiur as well as low levels of some plants, such as nail Pole, Rame, and Rattan.
Tourists can also see some kind of wild animal, such as mammals, primates, bird, and reptile. The extant mammals are leopards and wild boar. Then the protected primates attraction Colour Lake is gray monkey, Javan, and monkeys.


Some of the existing facilities at the lake colors include:
Areas for outbound
natural track
The information center
13.5 meter-high tower for bird watching.


To reach the lake Colors tour, tourists can use private vehicles or public bus (majoring Cianjur) toward Peak Region. Then proceed on foot through the path from the edge of the Peak Highway for 10 minutes.